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What is ‘Ethics’?

Everything we do, either in our professional or personal life, has an ethical implication.

 Generally, people make decisions based on their individual values and beliefs.  When choosing what is ethically acceptable, people consider the possible options and their consequences, based on the values and principles that are important in their lives.

 Similarly, healthcare organizations do not simply follow the existing rules; rather, they consider their own values, the values of the people they serve, and potential harms and benefits for the patients/clients.

 The value-laden nature of healthcare sometimes results in highly charged conflict situations. Such situations often have significant consequences, and result in ethical dilemmas. It is important to address both the questions and signs of ethical issues:

 QUESTIONS                                                  SIGNS

What should be done?                                    “Yuck” factor

Why should it be done?                                  Moral Uncertainty

How should it be done?                                  Conflict

Who should do it?                                           Competing “goods” or “bads”, not right vs. wrong

 What is the Ethics Committee?

Simply put, the Ethics Committee’s role is to monitor and provide feedback related to the agency’s compliance with its Ethics Framework – including ethical guidelines and processes

What will the Ethics Committee do?

The Committee’s role is to monitor and provide recommendations to Management and the Quality Improvement Committee on the effectiveness of the agency in appropriately addressing ethical issues or dilemmas.

 What is expected of me?

 What is the time commitment?

Benefits of being on the committee:

Ethics Committee Terms of Reference – ver. 02122020


Please contact John Ranger, Assistant Executive Director, to express interest or ask any questions you may have:

519-428-2380 x203 


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